4 Mistakes to Avoid when Checking Out of a Hotel in Ouray, CO

It may seem simple to just check out of a hotel, but sometimes it can even turn out to be daunting for experienced travelers, particularly if it entails rushing to the airport to make an early flight. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when checking out from the best Ouray hotel.

  1. Forgetting something behind

Never leave anything that belongs to you in a hotel. There are many cases where people forget personal belongings like their passports in a hotel safe and missing their flights and ending a trip on a bad note. This is a very common mistake. Apart from leaving stuff in the safe, many also forget their personal toiletries in the shower and phone chargers as well. Hence, you must always pack a night before so as to not stress out in the last moment. Then, before you head out of your room to check out, always do one last sweep of the room. Look under the bed if something might have fallen, pull back the shower curtain, and check the safe. Always put your shoes in the safe a night before you leave, so that you never leave the room without opening it.

  1. Not double checking the bill

Hotels have a knack for charging their guests with hidden fees. You may avoid some of them, but never forget to double check for the things that seem fishy on the bill like the charges for the snacks or drinks when you haven’t even touched the minibar or ordered anything from the hotel restaurant. It may have been charged to a wrong room number. Hence, always double check the bill and ensure to dispute these charges by all means, and get an updated copy of the bill before you check out.

  1. Not leaving a tip behind

Never forget to leave a tip for your hardworking housekeeper no matter even if you are in a rush to check out. These housekeepers are often underpaid. If you don’t have changes for a huge bill, let the front desk help you. And if you are feeling generous enough, you can leave a heavy tip to leave a smile on their face.

  1. Letting the hotel call a cab for you

It may seem convenient, but when you are traveling on a budget, you must call yourself an Uber instead. Yes, the fare may be cheaper and you will also save some money on tips.

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