5 Things to Ask for When Checking into a Hotel Room in Bromont, Canada

If you are too obsessed with the upgradation of your hotel room, but hesitant to ask the front desk for the same, you are missing out on a lot of free stuff! Hotels are loaded with extra amenities to make your stay the most comfortable. No matter if you have booked and paid for your hotel room already, you are still missing out on the perks and privileges to unleash before you arrive. To make the most of them, feel free to ask the front desk about the following while checking in

  1. Late check out

If your flight is late and want to make up for the extra time, ask them for a late check out when you first check in. Ask them politely and don’t be shy to tip the concierge. And if you want to explore the best of hotels to stay in when visitez Bromont en famille, visit this link, tourismebromont.com.

  1. A room with a view

If your hotel view is not nice and you can merely see the construction work going on in the hotel building, then you can ask the front desk to assign you a room with a view if that matters to you. But if you have particularly booked a room with a view ensure that you are provided with one. And no matter if you didn’t plan ahead, you can still ask for a room with a view and upgrade for absolutely no extra cost.

  1. There is a list of hidden extra you don’t know about

City taxes, extra VAT, and hidden fees can surprise you when you pay your bill. Ensure that you are well aware of all the added extras you will be charged, no matter if you are using the Wi-Fi, newspapers etc.

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  1. Extra amenities

Not every hotel comes with their own pools, spa, saunas, and steam room, but know that many hotels have partnered up with the nearby properties to bestow their guests with the free amenities. Apart from the spas and saunas, many hotels also offer bonus amenities like airport shuttle runs and private cars to make your stay comfortable, so feel free to ask for the same.

  1. Unbiased suggestions

No matter if it is a budget or a luxury property, hotels have official as well as unofficial affiliate properties that they work with on a local scale. Hence, many hotels send you to the nearest and expensive tourist trap through their websites. So ensure to ask the concierge or waiter for an unbiased suggestion as well.

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