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Using the emergence of Cambodia like a tourist destination after decades of tyranny and occupation tour operators are promoting the experience destinations of the nation.

While most people visit Cambodia to go to the Angkor Temples in Siem Reap you will find hideaway places from the beaten tourist track for that more adventurous traveller. In Cambodia this encompasses travelling from the Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville route look around the relatively sparsely populated regions of Cambodia.

What there area offer world ‘t be classes as adrenaline – pumping for that true adventure junkie. They’re adventurous travel activities which everyone can also enjoy. These activities could include cycling, hiking or trekking.

The trip to Angkor Wat could be extended to some cycling tour from the whole Angkor Archaeological Park this giving lots of options of exploring from the heavy tourist traffic preferred sites of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. There’s the chance to go to another spectacular temples enclosed through the surrounding jungle.

Travelling in the Mekong River north from Phnom Penh takes the traveller in to the sparsely populated regions of Cambodia which have yet to be full-grown over the counter. This is actually the true heart of Cambodia where even though the people could be the poorest in the united states through their ambiance they’d rank the wealthiest. You’ll be able to cycle the tracks and roads following a river north from village to village. A well known cycling route may be the 30 kilometres trip from Kratie as much as Kampi to go to the rare Irrawaddy dolphins.

Towards the northwest from the Mekong River would be the provincial regions of Rattanakari and Mondulkiri, The Banlung section of Rattanakari includes a growing status because the base for trekking round the crater ponds and also the many waterfalls round the district. The waterfalls can be seen flowing throughout the year. The region also offers a nationwide Park towards the north and also the Kumphat Wildlife Sanctuary towards the south of Banlung.

Moving in the jungle regions of Rattanakiri up to the more hilly regions of Mondulkiri provides a tougher adventure schedule towards the customer. Choices include three day elephant treks although the densely forested hillsides, appointments with the ethnic tribes in hillside villages, and catching the astounding views from the waterfalls. The Bou Sraa Waterfall is easily the most famous in Cambodia.

Moving towards the south of the nation the shoreline area is developing an marine adventure following. Aside from the safe swimming beaches there are a variety of authorised PADI dive centres located in Sihanoukville. They are able to look after any diving adventure from snorkelling journeys to diving for novices towards the best divers. There islands within the Gulf of Thailand using their barrier reefs supporting many types of marine existence will satisfy there adventure urge of visitors.

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