Cool Activities to Plan for your Sapphire Coast Holiday

If you are planning a holiday on the Sapphire Coast, there is much to see and do and in this short article, we outline a few of the must-do activities in this stunning part of Australia.

  • Whale watching – There is no better place to observe majestic Humpback Whales as they head to and from Antarctica, which is their primary feeding ground. The start of September until the end of November is the best time for whale watching, when the females travel with their calves; they like to stay in shallow water and hug the coastline. Whales surface often and they have some amazing surface behaviour, which you will see when you get close to these amazing creatures. If you are very lucky, you might witness a humpback breaching, when the entire body leaves the water, which is a sight to behold.
  • Deep sea fishing Book a Merimbula fishing charter and you definitely won’t regret it; whether a total beginner or a seasoned fisherman, the crew offer you all the help you need and the skipper knows the best locations, depending on the fish species you are focused on. Prime species include kingfish, snapper, leather-jacket, morwong, trevally and tiger, with huge gropers that are bottom feeders. We recommend booking well in advance, as these deep-sea fishing trips are popular; check out all the info on their website, choose a date and make a booking.
  • Kayaking on Merimbula Lake – A great family activity, with guided tours through estuaries and the mouth of the Pambula River, beginners can stay with the guide, while the more experienced can go exploring and there’s lots to see.
  • Green Cape Lighthouse – This has to be on your list; steeped in history, this unique lighthouse has guided shipping for over a century; take a guided tour to learn all about the shipwrecks that this shoreline has witnessed. The obvious highlight is the view when you climb the stairs and go out onto the platform. Make sure you have a lof digital memory in your camera, especially if you time your visit at dusk.
  • Surfing lessons at Camel Rock Surf School – If you fancy riding one of those monster waves at Bondi Beach, you have to start with a few lessons; if you are already good, then you can have some advanced tips from the pros.

There are many great places to see during your stay on the Sapphire Coast and with early online booking, you won’t be disappointed.

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