Planning A Wedding In Beautiful & Tropical Phuket

When you are planning to get married and have decided on a tropical wedding in an exotic destination such as Phuket, it will require lots of planning to get your dream wedding. There are many factors you must consider, and the average Phuket wedding cost can vary drastically depending on what you want and how big the event is. You will need to do lots of research before finalising the details of your tropical wedding, and below are some factors you must consider that can help you plan the perfect tropical wedding.

The Time Of Year

The time of year can have a significant impact on the cost of your wedding, as the best weather is peak tourist season and demand is much higher, and so are the prices. The cheapest time of year for a wedding is between June and October, which is the rainy season. The rains worsen the closer you get to October, so a June or July wedding can still see excellent weather ideal for your dream wedding.

The Wedding Dress

You will need to revise the idea you have been dreaming of for your wedding dress when getting married in the tropics, as it will most likely not be suitable for the weather. You will need to consider something that is light and simple to help you cope with the intense heat you can get in Thailand. Also, make sure that you use a natural material, or you may melt at the alter when you get wed. You can click here to get some helpful wedding dress ideas that are suitable for a beach wedding in the tropics.

Where Will You Have The Wedding?

You will also need to choose a suitable location for the wedding, and there are many hotels and resorts that you can choose for your special day. Most of them have packages that they offer which will include various aspects of the event, such as flowers and decorations, entertainment, and food, depending on the package you choose. The more people who attend, the more it will cost, so you need to get accurate numbers of those who will attend the wedding to try and get the best deal possible.

The Legal Stuff

You will also need to research what you need to do for the wedding to be considered legal, and you may need to do paperwork in Bangkok and visit your local embassy to do this. Do your research on what you need to do to legally marry in Thailand as a foreigner, and plan this into your trip accordingly. It can often be done in a couple of days, and once complete, you and your partner are free to be married legally.

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