Whale Watching – Why Experience Gifts are Better Than Products

When it comes to finding a gift, most of us go for items of clothing or jewellery. Although these can sometimes be what the other person needs, science suggests that it is better to give an experience gift instead of something material. The overall satisfaction with a material thing goes down over time as an experience stock rises.

More Special – Most of the time when you are buying a gift, you are doing it for someone special like your parent or partner. Most of these people will not care how much you spend on them as long as it comes from the heart. That is why booking a trip to go whale watching in Eden is an excellent idea, especially if the recipient is interested in marine life. When they see you have gone out of your way to purchase a day trip on the ocean, they will feel special.

Possessions Fade Away – Products get old and replaced by new models. That is why the best gift of all is an experience such as whale watching. If you ask anyone what they received for Christmas last year, it could take them a long time to recall the gift. When you are given a whale watching trip as a gift, do you think seeing a Humpback whale breach is going to easily fade away? How you felt, the smell, and the sounds of the environment will stay with you forever.

Building Memories – It is cheaper these days to go on a whale watching excursion than to buy a new smartphone. Once your phone goes obsolete, it will be replaced by the next iPhone or Samsung. The only thing that you will want from your phone is the pictures and videos you have saved. Building a memory is more precious than owning the next new piece of tech.

Building Relationships – There is no better way to build a relationship with other than to go on a trip together. A whale watching tour is not just any trip, it is a once in a lifetime experience than millions of people around the world would love to do.

There are so many good reasons to forget about the usual materialistic gifts and go for something more meaningful. Even the recipient is not interested in wildlife, they will be blown away by the experience. Receiving a whale watching tour as a gift is something unique and a lot more special than a product.

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