What To Know when Booking a Casino Hotel

Whether you are traveling frequently, going abroad with your friends or family, or planning a trip for the first time, there are many reasons to stay in a casino hotel. With the continuous boom of casino tourism, booking an onsite hotel is a sure bet.

Casino hotels are luxury hotels and resorts attached to the casino.  With central locations, cheap rates, and access to a range of entertainment, these hotels are a great idea for accommodation even for people who don’t plan on gambling. In some casino hotels, it is even possible for guests to go bowling or take part in water sports. However, when staying at a casino, there are important things to keep in mind including the following:

They Have the Tightest Security of Any Hotel

As casinos want to protect their gaming licenses, they employ independent security and some even have a police presence. For guests, this means you can sleep soundly and safely and keep your behavior in check.

Leaving a Tip

In the United States, tipping is customary and as hotel valets, cocktail waitresses, dealers, and housekeeping staff are paid minimum wage, it is a good idea to leave a tip of $1 per drink or 15% to 20$ of a restaurant food bill. If you will be using the services of a hotel valet, leave them a $2-$5 dollar tip for handling your car.

Be Aware of the Gambling and Drinking Age

In the U. S. the legal age for drinking is 21, though every state determines their own minimum age in terms of gambling. But, this does not mean you can only stay at a casino hotel if you are of legal age. If you are underage, you will not be permitted in the gaming areas or to drink.

Choose Amenities

Different travelers vary in the amenities they prefer and need. A lot of casino hotels are tailored to partiers, especially in the pool areas so you must know what vibe and services you want. Check every hotel to see what it offers when it comes to swimming pools, spas, restaurants, fitness centers, and nightlife. Although you might be able to easily travel between hotels for nightly shows or specific restaurants, you want to stay in a hotel that provides the kinds of daytime events and activities you will most enjoy. Spend time reading online reviews to confirm that the hotel you choose has the right feel, especially if you are traveling with children or older family members.

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