Why Do Digital Nomads Love Bangkok?

There is a new breed of person known as the digital nomad; as the name suggests, he or she is not tied to location, as they do their work online. Code writers, software engineers and digital entrepreneurs make up the majority of expats who relocate to Thailand and enjoy a millionaire’s lifestyle.

Here are some of the main reasons digital nomads choose Bangkok to spend their time.

  • Fantastic infrastructure – Bangkok is on a par with most western cities in terms of infrastructure, good roads, mass transit systems and the entire country is accessible via motorways. You can spend days exploring the City of Angels by rail, road and canal; public transport is reliable, with Sky Train connecting many districts. Stay at the best resort in Bangkok which is right on the BTS Line and you are centrally located.
  • Fast & inexpensive Internet – The most important facility for a digital nomad is a stable Internet connection; in Thailand, you can have 5G unlimited data for around $50 per month, most take out an unlimited SIM for their smartphone, which they can hotspot for the laptop and work. This means you can work anywhere (Thai ISPs offer national coverage) and still manage your business.
  • Low rent – When you consider that you can rent a studio in a luxury condo development with a swimming pool, fitness room, private car parking and even a convenience store or two; the cost? Around $300 per month and that’s fully furnished! The more you can lower your living costs, the more you can put by for a rainy day and rentals in Bangkok are affordable; of course, there are high-end properties you can rent if your budget stretches that far.
  • Dynamic digital nomad community – Most of the top digital entrepreneurs spend the winter in Bangkok, to escape the harsh winter at home; hook up with the many Facebook groups where entrepreneurs connect.
  • Best nightlife – Let’s face it, there’s nowhere better than Bangkok for nightlife, with perhaps the exception of Vegas. Soi Cowboy is a strip of neon go-go bars where tourists and expats alike, mingle and drink cold beer while watching the girls dancing. Nana Entertainment Complex is another lively venue, set in Sukhumvit Soi 4. There are clubs that are open to the early morning hours if you are a night owl.

If you work online, there’s nothing stopping you from flying to Thailand to check out Bangkok, where you will meet many like-minded people.

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